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The X10


I thought it was worth doing a short review of the X10 now I've had it for a couple of months and some comment on how it works for me.  I think I knew, as soon as the X100 was introduced, that Fuji were onto something - a digital rangefinder that didn't cost the price of a small car was sure to be popular.  Some of the photographers who write blogs I follow started posting shots taken with the X100 and I was impressed.  This was a camera that could deliver.  Then the X10 was announced as a sort of junior version of the X100.  It has a smaller sensor and a zoom lens - both being features that are a compromise on quality over the X100.  The zoom lens of the X10 was a deal breaker for a while and I held off.  The X100 was too expensive.  I've got a Canon 5D and enough lenses for any situation, so the X10 / X100 debate took a back seat for a while.  I also use a Ricoh GRII for times when I don't want to carry the DSLR around.  It's cool, it produces decent shots and it fits in my pocket.

I guess it was gear lust that made me crack in the end.  I certainly can't justify its acquisition as need, but after 8 weeks it has very much made a difference.  The 5D hasn't been used a lot since I bought the X10 and I've been more than happy with the shots from it.  I usually have it set to shoot RAW and medium size .jpg - the in camera processing of the .jpgs is nothing short of remarkable.  Any noise resulting from the small size of the sensor is eliminated and there's a richness to the colour rendition that I really like.  Out of habit I tend to process the RAW files rather than use the .jpgs, but then I enjoy the process of processing images.

I needn't have worried about the lens or the sensor size.  The camera produces sharp shots.  There is no noise (save at very high ISO) that Lightroom's noise reduction can't cope with.  The X10 suits my style and my workflow.  I can get decent enough brackets to send to Photomatix for HDR / tonemapping processing (as above).  I've been using Snapseed a bit recently to process shots - I like what it does and it seems to work well with the files from the X10 (most of the shots below have been through Snapseed).  If that's not your thing, then just leave the camera on one of the auto modes and shoot - you won't be disappointed.

The X10 is a compromise.  It's not a DSLR (obviously).  It's not an X100 (zoom lens, smaller sensor).  It's not an X Pro 1 (obviously).  But it is a fine performer.  It will fit in a large pocket or a small bag and that's probably the most important bit.


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