Nokia Lumia 1020

Man | Head | Bucket

About a month ago I had a review copy of a Nokia Lumia 1020 to test.  Here was, apparently, a phone that had a camera that would appeal to photographers.  41MP don't you know?  That's gonna do it.  Photographers just love big numbers and 41's a pretty big one.  Bigger than your pesky DSLR, that's for sure.  Nice try, Nokia, but it didn't work.  Oh, it's a fine camera, as the shots here demonstrate.  Quick, responsive auto focus and all of that.  Nice control of light, colour and tone.  I always edit in Lightroom, and that's what has happened here.  I was well pleased with the results and for the 2 weeks that I had it I didn't use any other camera.  I think you'll agree that there are some decent photos in this post.  It's a great camera for street shooting and I really appreciated the exposure bracketing function, too, for HDR editing.  Capable and versatile are words that fit this camera well.

But there was also a serious issue with this camera.  41MP, but I'm limited to using jpgs.  This is a camera aimed at photographers.  Where's the RAW file option?  Nope.  There isn't one.  When I talked about the Nokia 920 I said that the lack of RAW files was an issue and so it is with the 1020.  I cannot begin to imagine a camera that is aimed at photograpers and lauded by people like Bailey & Weber not having a RAW function.  It beggars belief, really.

So, I sent it back as requested.  There was no requirement from Nokia for me to do anything else.  I wasn't required, or even asked, to write a review.

And then I see that a light has shone in Nokia's window.  A new version of its camera app can apparently shoot RAW files.  Now, that to me is a game changer.  Too late, unfortunately - I've just got a new iPhone.  But, if it's correct that the Nokia can shoot RAW, then it is well worth looking at.  I'll just have to wait until my contract expires.  Unless they want to send me another one.

Festival Gardens


The Dream

Liverpool Sunset

Mathew Street

Oh Me Oh My




Bacon Street

Some shots from around Brick Lane last week.  I have more.  Maybe later.

Shoreditch Abstract





Fighting Dogs | Man on Phone




Liverpool's Pride is one of the newcomers relatively speaking, but it hasn't taken it long to get up to speed.  A proper celebration of everything LGBT and straight, too.  One of the best atmospheres and people having a generally good time.  These were all shot with the Canon 85mm on the 5D.

Christians @ Pride





Touched by Jesus, Fingered by ...



Africa Oye 2013

Dele Sosimi

Oye never disappoints, even if the weather does.  Last year it was rained off to the Picket, this year it felt like it was March with the wind and the rain.  But we danced ourselves dry and warm, helped by a couple of beers from the Oye Inn.  Storming performances from all - not a bad set from anyone.  But the winner was definitely Mokoomba on Sunday evening - they had a remarkable energy that any 5 year old would covet.  Another great weekend in the park.

Africa Oye


Africa Oye

Dele Sosimi

Atongo Zimba

Africa Oye


Africa Oye 2013

Son Yambu

Black Prophet


Africa Oye

Son Yambu




CERN - SM 18

When a trip to CERN was mooted last year, I didn't take much persuading that it would be a great place to see.  The only issue in my photographer head was whether it too could be satisfied.  The website says it's cool to take photos anywhere so that was a start, but I was still a bit sceptical.  This is high level tech.  But when we got there, it became clear - CERN is a collaborative effort between many countries - there can't be any secrets about what it does, else it wouldn't work.  Shoot away, they said.  So I did.  An amazing place that challenges your concept of the world around you, not only in terms of the theoretical physics (which is so obtuse as to be way beyond the comprehension of most people) but also in the scale of the civil engineering and computing challenges they deal with.  I'm still trying to get my head around some of the things we saw.

All of these shots were with the X10

CERN - SM 18

CERN - Atlas Control Building

Feeling Material  XXXIV, 2008



High Tension

CH389 & CH482